Grandview rammespent lerret 265x165 EDGE

16:10 4K Ultra HD EDGE 29mm ramme

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Grandview 16:10 123" rammelerret med aluminiumsramme.

Matt hvit duk med gain 1.0

Sort velur trukket aluminiumsramme på kun 2,9 cm.

Rammenbredde kommer i tillegg til oppgitt bredde/høyde.

Enkel montering.

The new Edge Series has a frame just 29mm wide, looks like a giant LED TV. With this limited width the image is controlled within screen range in case tiny deflection happens during image adjustment.

The distance between screen and wall is just 6.5mm, almost like attached to the wall, which is 67% less than average wall distance of LED TV.

The surface frame is made of high quality aluminum wrapped with velvet, turn the screen into an Elegant decoration on on wall.

With the enhanced 44x28mm aluminum frame structure, the screen can be up to 133" and durable for a “life-time” projection.

Flat as a mirror
Taking advantage of the mature fabric tension system from Prestige series, the screen is durably flat as mirror after installation.

Convenient Installation
With the range belt mounted on the installation bracket, you don’t need to measure the distance, just fixed the bracket to the wall according to the range belt, hang the screen on and turn the circular lock, it can be done easily by just one person.

Thanks to the devided frame, the package is dramatically smaller than regular frame screen, even for 123”(16:10), the package is just 1.66 meters, which is 43% less than Prestige series and the overall package size is 77% less.

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