Supra kabel sublink XLR(F)-XLR(M) 3 M

Balansert subwoofer kabel, isblå

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Supra Sublink XLR/F-XLR/M - Single Channel Balanced Sub-Woofer Cable
For single channel connection between e.g. a pre-amplifier or a studio mixer and an active sub-woofer (often called LFE channel = Low Frequency Effects) with balanced in- and outputs including our finest XLR contacts. Supra Sublinks low capacitance and high noise interference immunity, make longer cable routing possible, which most often is the case for sub-woofer connections, especially in professional use. Further the low capacitance allow bass pulse build-up without flattening or slowing down, the really desirable property of an excellent hifi sub-woofer sound. Balanced interface is more common in pro-sound and studio, but occasionally also more sophisticated home hifi offers this clearly more advantageous interconnection for noise suppression and low signal degradation.

This cable may also be used to connect active speakers such as studio monitors with balanced input to a balanced source output. The properties of the Supra SubLink is of a high standard also for full range purpose.

Features and benefits

Shielding - very silent from noise and microphony

Easy to install - fits also perfect in conduits

Low capacitance - Allows for bass pulse without flattening or slowing down

Robust connectors - Noise immune and gold plated for a long service life

?Made in Sweden!

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