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With the M Universal IR Extender from Multibrackets you don´t need to leave cabinet doors open when you are enjoying your home electronics.
Keep you’re A/V units hidden behind the cabinet doors or little fingers.
With an easy set up distributing your IR signal into each cabinet space you will be able to control all devices (maximum 8 individual devices) and individually control all devices up to 11 meters away (approx 37 feet) using all your existing remote controls or universal remotes like Logitech Harmony and Philips Pronto.
Easy installation
The M Universal IR Extender sets up in just a few minutes and requires no drilling or rewiring.
Place the M Universal IR repeater unit in your cabinet, affix one of the eight included infrared emitters to each A/V devices IR Windows and mount the receiver in a location where it can receive your IR remote controls transmitted signals.
Your M Universal IR Extender is now ready to transmit your command to the correct home theater component.
Fits perfect for TV´s, DVD player´s, Digital TV boxes, CD player´s, Amplifier´s and much much more.
This is a must have item for anyone who want great looks in their livingroom!
Use M Universal IR Extender together with M TV Table ENVY series.
Simply hide your home electronics in the spacey cabinets of the ENVY TV Table and install M Universal IR Extender to control the appliance while it is well hidden.
M Universal IR Extender is perfect for home cinema systems, presentation rooms and any other environment where audio-video equipment is out of sight or needs to be hidden.
The IR Extender works with almost any audio-video system and the signal is not disturbed by an eg. installed plasma screen nearby.
Easily operate your audio/video devices through a closed multimedia cabinet with your current remote control.
Ideal for different A/V applications at home, in presentation, board rooms and in training environments.
Not affected by any disturbance of a plasma screen that is set up nearby. Works with almost all A/V equipment.
Connect 8 A/V appliances and operate them even when they are out of sight.
Make infrared extension invisible by placing the IR Module in, under or behind the multimedia cabinet.
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