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Audeze hodetelefon LCD-24

Åpen High End hodetelefon Limited Ed

Varenr: 27727
46 990,-
Bestillingsvare (40 dager)

 LCD-24s are made-to-order

Our CTO, Dr. C, often has a “pet project” or two. One of these creations became the famous and highly desirable The King headphone amplifier. His latest creation, the LCD-24, incorporates the resolution and power of our staggered Fluxor™ magnetic structure together with the lightning-fast transient response of our Nano-scale diaphragms. The result is a robust and refined sound featuring the vibrant midrange, powerful bass, and treble extension iconic to Audeze's Flagship headphones.

A limited number of the LCD-24 will be available for $3,500 including the hard travel case and our premium silver-plated copper LCD series cable.

Pair with The King MKII for a fully optimized listening experience. 


Impedanse:  15 ohm

SPL:  >130 dB

Type:  Åpen

Teknisk:  Planar Magnetic med dobbel Fluxor magnet, Fazor

Magnet:  N50 neodym

Frekvensområde:  5 - 50.000 Hz

Vekt:  540 g
















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