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Grandview lerret motor 16:9 234x132

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Model C, hvit kasse

Denne modellen har ikke innebygget styring, se under tilbehør for fjernkontroll/rele, RS232 kit.


* Featuring Global First “Spring Concealing” patented technology inside the bottom bar, ensured a seamless and perfect closure with the casing after retraction.

* Light weight design by incorporating aluminum casing and roller. Current maximum size is up to 120”(16:9) while the weight is only 19.2kgs, 39% less than the previous generation.

* The use of separated casings are connected by PP rubber, efficiently eliminated the vibration and noise between the ceiling and the screen. Grandview silent tubular motor is used to achieve low noise level not exceeding 60dB during operation.

* The width of the ornament plate is 135mm and overall height of the casing is 120mm, which are 20% and 25% less than the previous generation. Minimum needed height for installation is only 120mm, allowing easy installation with very limited space.

* Like no other conventional screens with white ornament plates, Grandview’s new recessed ceiling screen features aluminum ornament panel with striped lines. It is stylish yet simple, perfect match to variety of decor.

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