Grandview rammespent lerret 221x125 EDGE

Ambient Light Rejection Screen, optisk

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Ambient Light Rejection Screen, denne modellen har optisk fresnal duk.

Features such as larger screen sizes and wider angles are commonly important factors when deciding on a projection screen. As projection screen setups have evolved past dedicated theatre room use only, the need for a screen that can function in less than ideal light environments has become an ever increasing important factor. Grandview's new ALR (Ambient Light Rejection) screen technology has arrived and is that solution. It pairs perfectly with ultra-short throw projectors and even in a room environment with natural ambient light, you can now enjoy a bright and high contrast experience similar to flat panel TVs but in larger sizes. It brings the projection experience into multi-purpose, living and other ambient light rooms like never before. The fabric has a special surface and coating that reflects projection at a specific angle while at the same time absorbing ambient light from other angles. It boasts deep black levels, high contrast and excellent colour saturation.

* This product can only be used with table-top ultra-short throw projector.



-For UST projector less than 0.3 projection ratio, required distance between screen and projector is 35cm

-Suitable for laser, DLP and LED projection


-Gain = 1,0

-Gain uniformity = 60%

-Ambient Light Rejecting Rate = 85°

-View angle: 160°

-View size: 2214x1245mm(100” 16:9)

-Bezel width: 12mm

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