beyerdynamic Quinta MU 23

Trådløs enhet konferanse, uten mikrofon

Varenr: 16205
9 500,-
Bestillingsvare (20 dager)
Quinta ordstyrer enhet. Leveres uten svanehalsmikrofon. Velg til i ønsket lengde 30, 40 50 eller 60 cm målt fra bordoverflaten (se Tilbehør flagget)
  • Trippelbånd 2,4 / 5,2 / 5,8GHz
  • 2,4 / 5,2 eller 5,8GHz kan også velges som separate områder for bruk
  • Dersom det velges auto-modus, velges beste mulige arbeidsområde automatisk og lydløst
  • Direkte sekvens spredt spektrum (DSSS) gir beskyttelse mot interferens og sikrer kontinuerlig drift, selv i vanskelige RF (radio frekvente) miljøer. Signal deles under,  og samles etter overføring
  • 128-bit  kryptering med 24-bit PIN kode sikrer uatorisert lytting
  • Betjeningsknapp med tegn for personer med synshemninger
  • LED ring viser status for aktuell mikrofon
  • Uttak på 3,5mm mini-jack for ørehøyttaler / halsslynge
  • Minimum 20 timer driftstid pr lading
  • Ladetid 2,5 timer ved helt tomt batteri
  • Ladekontakter for bruk av lade / transport etui. Mikrofon kan være montert


Practical functionality in three variants.
Whether you select the chairman, delegate or double delegate microphone unit, the wireless Quinta
conference system always offers maximum reliability, security and functionality. The use of fine material
emphasises the high-quality appearance and the demand for design. The feel of Alexit comfort paint from
automotive industry in combination with brushed stainless steel will meet your requirements. With some
features such as Braille and a headphone connection for hearing assistance we adhere to the UN Convention
on equal rights for disabled people.
Removable gooseneck microphones with Scudio Technology
The gooseneck microphones for the Quinta microphone units are available in four different lengths. Due to
the robust XLR connector, they can quickly and easily be replaced in case of service or if another gooseneck
microphone in a different length is requested. The Scudio technology reliably protects against interferences
caused by mobile phones.
Custom panels
On request, the control panel of the backlit softtouch keys can be labelled individually. The function key can be configured by software, e.g. to give the chairman priority to speak or to play an interval signal.
Double delegate microphone unit
When two participants share one double delegate microphone unit during the meeting the operating software can recognise who has entered a request to speak.
The microphone units are finished with a new paint from the automotive industry which is most robust and scratch-resistant as well as insensitive to fingerprints and disturbing reflections.
It was our concern to provide the control panel of brushed stainless steel with braille. This means accessibility and equality for all participants of your meeting.
Headphone jack
The headphone jack of the microphone unit allows the output of the original language for hearing assistance or another audio channel, e.g. a foreign language.
NiMH rechargeable batteries
The rechargeable batteries of the microphone unit are standard NiMH batteries which will be available for a long period of time and which can easily be replaced if necessary. The operating time is approx. 30 hrs and recharging takes only 2.5 hours.
The high-quality and solid
housing of the Quinta microphone units ensure stability and an optimal sound insulation. Vibrations and noise transmissions from the table are effectively reduced.
Voice Activation
The microphone can be turned on by either using the microphone button or automatically via voice activation when the participant starts to speak.
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